“You must judge a man by the work of his hands,”

– an old African proverb says.

At MORPHO, we highly promote the beauty of handmade work and we struggle to keep the craftsmen traditions alive.
We only work with full-grain leather purchased from around the world, made in small quantities. That is why all our pieces are in limited editions and you won’t find more than two accessories alike.

We chose natural unaltered cow leather as a tribute to all the animals that were sacrificed for human needs. We thought that by keeping their original looks, we could keep their happy innocent spirits alive. When you purchase one of our items, you actually adopt the story, the energy, the ingenuous spirit of the animal from which the item was created. That is why MORPHO is an heart-to-heart brand, that promotes the true values of workmanship and leather traditions.

A small team of leather craftsmen carefully creates each piece, with dedication and patented techniques for you to find the most exquisite selection of men accessories.

We guarantee you a lifetime experience, with full support from our side. We create masterpieces that can be left as heritage. As women leave their jewelry to their daughters, now men can leave their MORPHO piece as legacy to their sons.

MORPHO tells a story about timeless elegance and immortal refinement.